“Be calm and allow the true self to blossom.
The inner self comes forth with patience and gentleness.”

Vicci Sperry “The Art Experience”

Selected Exhibition – History

“The work of Vicci Sperry has been exhibited over eight decades in leading museums, galleries and universities and art institutes. During the 1960s, she took a step back from exhibiting her painting to concentrate on writing and lecturing, such was the art community’s appetite for her profound insights. This fertile period resulted in the book, “The Art Experience.” Noted critics and leading scholars used and still use Sperry’s book as source material for advanced writing and art classes.”

Luckman Fine Art Gallery – The Art Experience – Catalogue 1997
Richard Gray Gallery. Chicago 1970
Richard Gray Gallery. Chicago 1970

2022 – Bonhams, NY, “The Medium is the Message: Women Artists in Contemporary Art (Press Release)
1997 – Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State Los Angeles, CA (Catalogue)
1993 – Louis Newman Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA
1989 – Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1983 – Mekler Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1973 – University of Iowa Art Gallery, Iowa City, IA
1970 – Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL ( > CATALOGUE)
1957 – New Horizon Show (Award), Winnetka, IL
1957 – 414 State Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
1957 – Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
“17th Annual Exhibition for the Society of American Art”
1955 – 1960 – Superior Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
1956 – Holland-Goldowsky Gallery, Chicago, IL
1956 – Raymond Crueze Gallery (Group Show), Paris, France
1952 – Mandel Bros., Chicago, IL
1952 – Palmer House Gallery, Chicago, IL
1958 – Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ
1949 – George Binet Gallery, New York, NY
Exhibition traveled to a number of cities including:
Boston, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Phoenix
1947 – The Art Institute of Chicago 7th Annual Exhibition of the Society for
Contemporary American Art (Press Releases from 1947 – May 10, 1947)
1947 – University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1947, 1943, 1942, 1939 – Navy Pier Exhibition, Chicago, IL
1938 – Paul Theobold Gallery, Chicago, IL

The years 1960-69 were devoted to writing and lecturing. The Art Experience has been for many years recommended reading for the docents at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Robert Kirsch, book critic for the Los Angeles Times gave The Art Experience a glowing review in 1970. The book was used by Mr. Kirsch as source material for his advanced writing class at UCLA.